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Frequently Asked Questions

Never heard of breastfeeding coaching?  Neither had I,  but I saw a need and decided to make it happen.  Here's some answers about how my services are different than what you might expect. 

What makes your services different than other lactation services?

My goal is to help you enjoy breastfeeding. Based on my personal and professional experiences I will help you gain the confidence you need to breastfeed your baby. I offer prenatal counseling that will give you the tools you need from the start. If support is needed after, I can be available 100 percent - either virtually or in-person to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. I will work alongside you and help you find the JOY in breastfeeding your baby.  I'm not here to stick a boob in your babies mouth and walk away, I want to be there for you and set you up for success from the start. 

So many moms quit breastfeeding due to perceived problems. To put it simply, they think there is an issue when there is not. Breastfeeding coaching is meant to help you gain the confidence that your body is able to supply your baby with everything your baby needs. 

While I wish I could guarantee every mother that wants to breastfeed will be successful, there are certain barriers that can prevent that success. We will discuss all of this in our phone consultation and mutually decide if my services will be beneficial.  

What is breastfeeding coaching? 

Is your coaching guaranteed to be successful?

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